PerCS Instructions and Results

 The New Winter PerCS began on Saturday 13 July. We plan to have 3 series of 8 races throughout the sailing year. There will be 2 fleet starts at 11:00 and 11:30. The presentation is to be held in conjunction with the normal SAGS presentation later in the afternoon. This would normally be at around 16:30. Dates are as follows: 27 July, 10 August, 24 August, 14 September, 12 October. Unpack those spinnakers and get out there!

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Amended Scoring System 2017/18

The system trialed last season and adopted for the current season gives up to 3% improvement to your penalty if you perform under 100%. This matches the up to 3% penalty for boats that perform above 100%. The effect during the trial gave a much more even distribution of prizes and rapidly corrected any anomalies in handicaps awarded to new boats entering the series or when weather conditions are such that some entrants are consistently advantaged or disadvantaged. Series score is taken from best 8 of 11 races. There are no penalties for extras.

NCYC PerCS Sailing Instructions – Aug 2016

This shows the GPS location of a rock that may be a hazard to deep draft boats at low tide. It is on the line between Scarborough Outer Leads and Reef Point.

Courses:(revised 15 August 18)

PerCS Courses 1-4 Overview normal Direction

PerCS Courses 1-4 in Reverse Overview

PerCS Course 5 Normal and Reverse Overview