Come and try sailing.
If you are interested in crewing please come to our Club House at Compass Marina, Reef Point Esplanade, Scarborough. We are there every Wednesday and Saturday at around 4:00pm, for our post event presentations and social gatherings. You will be able to meet our members and get a feel for the club
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Prospective crew list - 19-09-2021
ID Name Phone number Date Comment
34 Teresa BIRD0408269019 Hi would love to crew learn more
36 Mark BRYANT0422643416 Regular 18'Foot Classic and keel boat sailor. Plenty of experience.
44 Karl MAY0421223906 2021-05-18
26 Taniela NUKU0412937156 Keen to learn and have some fun at the same time, available to Sail some Wed's and most Saturdays
37 Matthew RIEK0430560640 Looking to crew any boat with my daughter. A little experience, want to learn more.
38 Craig ROSEVEAR0423110000 Just live around the corner in Scarborough, keen to get back into sailing after 10 years not sailing
43 Alistair WEIR0436005008 A few years experience social racing, looking to meet new people and improve my skills.
39 Liza WESTGATE0410449290 2021-06-18 .
41 Waylon WISEMAN0423220518 No experience, but I will be there with a big smile and can do attitude!

Boats looking for crew list - 19-09-2021
ID Boat & Skipper Phone number Comment
13 HOUTMAN Bolek0411427862 40' Catamaran. Fun in boisterous conditions. No experience necessary.
14 PALI PALI Jason0426269091 Catamaran, Sails most Wednesdays and Saturdays. Beginners welcome to come see what NCYC is all about
11 SANAJU David0412092079 43ft Monohull. Come and have some fun

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