SAGS, WAGS & Cruising at Sunset

The Moreton Bay Yacht Club hosts weekly sailing events every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. These are known as WAGS (Wednesday Afternoon Group Sail) and SAGS (Saturday Afternoon Group Sail).  The first Saturday of each month is a Rum Race with it’s own time sheet.

Once every second month on a Friday closest to the full moon the club hosts a Sailing at Sunset Cruise event.

Casual sailors or those looking to try their hand at sailing,and/or wish to get involved on a regular basis may  come along and join us for a WAGS or SAGS event at no charge. Simply come along to the Moreton Bay Boat Club on the day of the event at 12:00 and catch up with the sailors at the bar closest to the deck and someone will be happy to have you along for a sail.

For further information please contact our  Crew Coordinator Nick Bruijn: