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We sail from Scarborough and Newport on the Redcliffe Peninsula, 40 km north of Brisbane CBD. We meet at our clubhouse after our events on Wednesday and Saturday from around 4:30 pm. Please join us there and we can answer any questions you may have regarding boat ownership, crewing or cruising. 


Our home waters are at the northern end of Moreton Bay and include Deception Bay. Our events start and finish in the vicinity of the Newport Waterways Outer Leads. SAGS and WAGS pursuit races are run every week on Saturday and Wednesday afternoons. All these events are designed to allow yachts to finish together and crews to gather at the clubhouse. Early in 2024 we will reintroduce a series where spinnakers may be used (PerCS.) The club actively promotes social interaction and family participation.  Enquiries: email The Secretary

Redcliffe Leagues 2

QF 3 support us on the water. We help support Redcliffe Coast Guard on shore.