Mud Island Challenge

The Mud Island Challenge will be held on Sunday 22 Mar 2020

Notice of Race – Mud Island Challenge 2020

Short Course Start: All entrants 09:45am

Long Course  Start: Handicaps below 0.745 – 09:30

Long Course Start: Handicaps of 0.745 and above – 10:00am

Logon Here for Short Course No extras permitted.

Logon Here for Long Course Extras optional with 3% Penalty (Racing Insurance required for all entrants)

Please note the following changes as of 18 March 2020:

MSQ require that the long course after rounding Mud Island returns to the Coffee Pots and crosses both to starboard before heading to the isolated danger mark. NOR and Maps have been updated.

If the wind is forecast to be 20 knots or more, all crew are to wear life jackets. If the wind reaches 20 knots at any time all crew are to don their life jackets. Race control will advise boats if this limitation eventuates. The race will be abandoned should the wind reach 30 knots.

If the winds are light on the day there will be an option to start the race at Reef Point. Should this be communicated to the entrants, the start line will extend 200 metres to the east of Reef Point in transit with the stick on the exposed reef section to the west of Reef Point.