NCYC – CLUB Crew List

Come and try sailing.
If you are interested in crewing please come to our Club House at Compass Marina, Reef Point Esplanade, Scarborough. We are there every Wednesday and Saturday at around 4:00pm, for our post event presentations and social gatherings. You will be able to meet our members and get a feel for the club. Alternatively, add your name and contact details by clicking on the appropriate blue '+' below.

Prospective crew list - 20/10/2019
ID Name Phone number Comment
4 Brad CAVE0428223077 Very new to sailing and would like to help out on a Cat on the Wednesday racing
5 Brad HOAD0401044543 32, new to sailing. Hoping to jump on a monohull as regular crew. Would love to help w maintenance.

Skippers looking for crew list - 20/10/2019
ID Name Phone number Comment
6 Jason LEA0426269091 Seawind 1000 Catamaran sails most Wed and Sats, plus other events. Good beginner type boat

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